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There are two main approaches to IT; Break/Fix or a Managed Service approach.   

The first is a Break/Fix approach which is to contact an IT services company only when something breaks and pay an hourly rate. This solution may seem inexpensive, but if it happens often enough it could ends up costing your business more annually.  

A second is a Managed Service approach is a monthly retainer for our IT services to proactively take care of all your IT needs. This ends up reducing your downtime and improving your customers and clients satisfaction. 

Can’t decide which one is right for you?  Contact us for a free consultation to help you choose what will work best for your situation. 

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Information Technology Business Consultation

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The Process

Business Case

We define the goals of the project keeping quality and success as the main priorities.


Feasibility Study

We analize the existing information to be able to calculate the resources needed to achieve the project's ideal results.



We trace a project timeline with all specific milestones to optimally design the workflow.



We allocate the technical and human resources to manage the process quickly and effectively.


Monitor & Control

Measuring performance during all the stages we improve the final outcome on the way and find the best possible solutions.



We review and prepare your deliverables for your final approval.


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