Providing Business Solutions Since 1996

Our History

We provide experience and data-driven solutions for the modern world. 

We believe that with a solid foundation, growth is achievable for all organizations.  For the past 20 years, we have acted as consultants to some of the best and brightest companies in the world.  

Our client’s needs are constantly evolving, and to that end excelled at our flexibility to create across-the-board solutions for today’s complex business problems.  

By outsourcing your business processes to JGM Enterprises, you’re getting a partner that’s dedicated to your growth and your success. 


The vision was to create a fantastic team that was dedicated and focused on delivery.   Having the privilege to work with many outstanding individuals and organizations as a contractor and employee.    This formed the vision to  bring great people and great projects together. 

The team is made up of passionate experts that see further than what’s on paper. We are encouraged to go beyond the requirements and make all deliverables better than expected.    

Give us a call when your ready for your next project and you will immediately see our difference. 


The mission is clear;  Provide the best service to our clients to ensure repeat business and create a reputation that is undisputable. 

We do this by keeping the project on budget, on time, and in scope. 

We accomplish this with our world class team; Professionals that care about the client and their own reputation. 

Business Specialists

We can provide lead generation strategies for your product or service to a target audience. We will employ cost effective marketing solutions such as social media, landing pages, email marketing, and blog posts. A great piece of content not only helps in the short term but for building your reputation. 

Our marketing strategy will reduce costs. We will provide your sales teams qualified contact leads with contact information and who are ready to buy.  While our inbound marketing will engage potential customers to provide their personal information for contacting them. 

Joseph Marrello

IT Business Consultant & Founder

With almost two decades in the Information Technology (IT) systems experience, Joseph has a proven track record driving results through teamwork, humor, and at times, inspiring leadership. He has helped dozens of clients become more efficient (and cost effective) by improving their internal business processes. He is a fanatic about internet and communication technologies, and he loves finding ways to help people solve daily problems. He has a host of experience on various web applications, and he always aims to deliver the best possible user experience.

Grace Tang

Business Development Manager

Rajib Ahmed

Social Media Manager

Giuseppe Conte

Systems Administrator

Manu Tyagi

Senior Developer

Gabriel Quinzaños

Senior Design and Developer

Kant Jangid

Senior Design and Developer

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