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Are you looking for a consultant with insight into today’s changing technology? With over 20 years of experience, JGM Enterprises, a Toronto-based consulting firm, is a leader in delivering IT solutions and support, mobile app development, and expertise to help you increase your revenue stream and streamline your costs.

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Consultation Services

Our Consultation services focus on our client’s most critical issues and needs.

Automated Processes

We will integrate the technologies you need to achieve your business goals, both short and long-term. Investing in information technology (IT) and optimizing infrastructure makes it easier for your business to streamline its processes, reducing operation costs, boosting productivity, and increasing online sales.

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For Your Business?

Running out of funds is a business’s most dire threat. We can help secure grants for your business and increase your chances of success. In addition, we will provide you with information, techniques, and services to make an informed decision and ensure your business continues to grow.

Business Success

Do you have a brilliant business idea but are unsure how to achieve your business goal? Partner with us today, and let us turn your idea into a successful venture. Stop struggling to grow your business.

Business Success

Do you have a brilliant business idea but are unsure how to achieve your business goal? Partner with us today, and let us turn your idea into a successful venture. Stop struggling to grow your business.
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IT Business Consultant

Our client’s needs constantly evolve, and we have excelled by creating flexible across-the-board solutions for today’s complex business problems. JGM is committed to helping your business thrive by providing excellent technical expertise tailored to the business goals. Whether you need to boost your productivity, save money, or find customers, we can do that while giving you more time to focus on your next big idea.
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Frequently Asked
Questions About Consulting

An IT consultant is a technology professional who advise on, plan, design and install information technology systems for their clients. IT consultants, also known as technology consultants, are contracted to work with industrial and commercial clients who are looking for help and guidance about business and IT issues. Since technology is continuously changing, IT consultants can provide their clients with updates about new technology as it becomes available and recommend new devices or software based on their clients’ needs.

IT consulting services are advisory services that assist companies in evaluating various technology initiatives and aligning them with their business or process objectives.

The primary duties of an IT consultant include analyzing and diagnosing a company’s IT infrastructure, understanding a client’s business needs, and designing and implementing a technology solution.  At times becoming a marketing consultant for online solutions.

An IT consultant works in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems related with Information Technology. The IT Consultant duty is to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organizations.

IT consulting (Information Technology consulting) involves informing companies about how they can achieve business goals using technology. These services provide strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning to assist customers’ IT initiatives.

The definition of consultant in IT is to support clients with managing the technological side of a client’s business. They keep businesses up to date with the best and latest technology to help the business stay competitive. This involves assessing a company’s computer systems like cybersecurity, software performance and data and analytics. IT consultants spend time meeting with clients to discuss their plans to update and maintain their technology, where they can offer advice about which new technological developments might contribute to their success. 

The cost of an IT consultant varies. It is dependent on the project and the work involved, and the expertise required. 

The consultant education is typically a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer or software engineering or any other related discipline.  The individual would require several years, in multiple industries, and numerous projects to be an effective consultant.

An IT consultant connects with people to provide expert support and solutions within the tech-related field. It is a problem-solving oriented job that requires a lot of collaboration and proper communication with clients and partners alike.

Consultants charge a wide variety or rates that depend heavily on skill and task. 

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