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About JGM Enterprises

Providing Businesses Solutions Since 1996

Our Vision

The vision was simple.  I had the privilege of working with many, many outstanding individuals after years of being contracted and employed as a project manager for information technology projects.  What came next was a logical conclusion.  Let’s bring great people and great projects together.  The results have been better than I could have imagined.


The team is made up of passionate experts that see further than what’s on paper.  They can think and are encouraged to do so.  They provide advice and see past a single project phase or product enhancement.


Give me a call when your ready for your next project and you will immediately see the difference.

Our Mission

The mission is clear.  Provide the best service to our clients to ensure repeat business.


How?… I can say we do this by keeping the project on budget, on time, and on scope.
How is this accomplished?


By getting the best team possible.  Professionals that care about the client and their own reputation.

Our History

Starting out as a hosting and website design company in 1996, the company has changed as the internet changed.  Information technology business consulting, web applications development and application configuration have been added to fulfill clients requirements.


A Selection of our Capabilities

100 %

Data Services

We can create applications for data analysis or help conduct your next big data migration project.

100 %

Project Management

Our project management expertise ensures that your project will be delivered on time and on budget

100 %

Custom Built Applications

Web apps custom developed and tailored to your organization's needs

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Configureable Applications

SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla are just some of the applications we have configured and used to build business products.

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